Using Technology to Strengthen the Human Connection

images-48Remember when the economy was booming in the mid to late 1980s (or at least that’s how it seems in retrospect)? The current political climate aside, it’s enough to make a business owner want to turn back time. But the truth is, there were major economic challenges during the Reagan years as well; no era is free of its pitfalls. The advantage we do have today, however, is the ability to use better and faster technology to give us an edge. With the difficulties that the staffing industry faces in finding qualified candidates and maintaining a flowing pipeline of talent, the key to success may be making use of technology.

What better way to help free up our resources so that more energy can be spent focused on filling orders?

More and more staffing agencies are investing in new systems to track applicants and manage data. At St. Louis Staffing, we saw a gap in operations created by our antiquated system and began a yearlong process of researching and implementing an integrated, automated applicant tracking system that also took us paperless. It was a major commitment, but the new system has helped us to recruit and manage qualified candidates more effectively by streamlining the process. In addition, we can stay alert to candidate activity and benefit from analytics provided to improve our business. We can report on applicants in real time with integration to email platforms, which makes the recruiters more efficient and allows for more recruitment time and client relationship building.

Beyond the back office functions we take for grated, like payroll and billing, the software provides data that can show us which processes are working the best.

In fact, the software has more capability than we’ve been able to use. We have yet to take advantage of all its features, and we’ve discovered some new things that went beyond what we thought it could do. Every day we find out more about this new Ferrari we’re driving.

With the current need to find quality placements, as well as the timeworn challenges in running a business in any industry, it’s wise to use all the tools available. Automated tracking and data systems are one of the best ways to give ourselves a competitive advantage. Technology may not be able to take us back to the ‘good old days,’ but it can certainly get us to the future more effectively.

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