Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways to Network at Holiday Parties as a Job Seeker

  1. Introduce yourself.   Try to meet at least two new people and don’t forget the additional guests brought by invitees can be potential contacts as well.
  2. Talk less, listen more.  Ask good questions to uncover helpful information and ways that contacts may be able to find you a new job.
  3. Avoid touchy subjects.  Steer clear of politics, religion, and hot button social issues that may damage the rapport you could build with a contact.
  4. Offer your business or networking card.  If out of work, your networking card should include your name, email, phone number, job objective, and social media handles.
  5. Follow up.  Send a ‘great to meet you’ email and include an article on a subject you know the contact has an interest in as well as a LinkedIn invitation.
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