Employee Testimonials

“Couldn’t be more thankful and wasn’t expecting to get a job this quick. You guys have really helped me out.”
-RC Wellsville

“Steve Huffman was instrumental in championing my resume and experience,
which successfully led me to an offer and acceptance of employment.   He
kept me informed of the interviewing process and made key suggestions on
what my (eventual) employer what looking for in a candidate. He coached
me on appropriate responses and what I should ask at the end of each
interview. Steve answered all my emails and returned my phone calls in a
timely manner and was upbeat in the interview process even when I was
down – this was most definitely appreciated. In my career, I have never used a employment agency in locating a new opportunity – shame on me.  Steve was the utmost professional and your firm is fortunate to have Steve as an employee.”
-David Sampl

“Ever since I came to St. Louis Staffing, Rosie has been nothing but nice to me. She helps me get great jobs, and I really feel like we are a family at St. Louis Staffing. If I know someone looking for a job, I send them to Rosie because I know she will help them. Thank you, Rosie!”
– Christine Piggee

“I want to thank St. Louis Staffing for giving me this opportunity. Most of all, I want to thank Rosie Marquez for her very professional, no-nonsense attitude. Rosie worked very fast to get me the position I wanted. I am very grateful and look forward to my new job.”
– Josh Rees

“On the first day we met, St. Louis Staffing found me a job. I tell all my friends to go to my recruiter, Rosie Marquez, who worked fast and made sure I left with everything I needed to start the job the very next day. I just want to say thank you, St. Louis Staffing – especially Rosie!”
-Dasean Cathey

“St. Louis Staffing is great! They help me find a job every time I need one. Thank you for all of your hard work!”
– Manuel Torres

“I can always count on St. Louis Staffing. They work with my schedule, they are friendly and professional. I can count on them for work, and they can count on me to be there. Rosie is always available to answer my questions.”
-Marcelino Torres

“Thanks to St Louis Staffing, I am financially stable. They have offered me work, and I love my job! I can even count on them in the winter months when work is slow in my industry.”
– Renato Villegas

“I can always count on St. Louis Staffing for summer work when I am on break from school. When I graduate, I know I can count on them for a professional job as well. I recommend St. Louis Staffing to anyone looking for a job.”
-Jesus Torres

“I’m writing to thank Rosie Marquez and St. Louis Staffing for friendly as well as fast services in assisting me on my journey to find a job. I can’t express my appreciation enough. Miss Marquez took less than 48 hours to locate me a job that fits my needs, and for that I am blessed. Thank you all. St. Louis Staffing rocks!”
– Ivorie Tipton

“St. Louis Staffing has helped me get a job very quickly! I am happy and thank Rosie Marquez for making it possible for me to find work. I highly recommend St. Louis Staffing. Thanks for everything!”
-Fabiola Gutierrez

“My introduction to St. Louis Staffing has been great. You really work with candidates’ schedules and put them where you think is best. I look forward to working with you. Thanks for your help!”
– Adrianna Cathey

“St. Louis Staffing is the best. They found me work the first week that I went to apply. Thank you, St. Louis Staffing!”
-Luis Longoria

“If you need a job, I highly recommend that you talk to my recruiter, Rosie Marquez, at St. Louis Staffing. She has been very helpful in placing me as well as my friends and family. Rosie is the best, and I am grateful to know she is always available to help. I recommend St Louis Staffing to all my friends and family! Thank you!”
Gloria Regalado

“St. Louis Staffing has helped me get a job that I am very happy with. I am grateful that Rosie Marquez works with applicants in both the English and Spanish language. I highly recommend St. Louis Staffing!”
-Nayelith Gama

“I went to St. Louis Staffing and Rosie helped me find a job quickly. I feel very thankful knowing I can count on my recruiter. I recommend St. Louis Staffing to all my friends and family who are in need of jobs!”
– Ayalep Schumber 

“Missouri Staffing has a great staff. I appreciate everything they have done for me. This is the first staffing agency I have used and would do it again if necessary because it has been such a positive experience.”
– Jeff Ames

“I worked for Missouri Staffing in 2011 and really enjoyed my assignment. I am looking forward to working for them again this year. They place you in great work environments.”
– Vicki Brown

“I truly liked the work at Bissinger’s and felt very comfortable with the professionalism and the way Rosie Marquez treated me like one of her own employees. Thank you!”
– John Feliz

“I would like to thank Rosie Marquez for all her help. If it wasn’t for Rosie showing me the door to a temporary position with St. Louis staffing, I would not be able to enjoy my present position. My temporary job as lead technician allowed Bissinger’s Chocolatier to see my potential, which in turn resulted in a full-time job.”
– Alma D Pedersen

“My first time coming in, I walked out with a job on the same day! Missouri Staffing is great!”
– SO

“I filled out an application and had a job the same day. Missouri Staffing is the place to go to get a job first.”
– DM

“Missouri Staffing has given me a chance in a time of need. I think they are a great organization and I greatly appreciate their help.”
– BM

“I love how Missouri Staffing is working for us. They never fail me. I get calls from them frequently for work assignments. I am proud to be a part of Missouri Staffing. They are fair, they have good taste in their employees and demonstrate strong ethics.”

“I’ve previously had problems finding and keeping employment. Missouri Staffing has greatly improved my chances for success and prosperity and I’m greatly appreciative for all you have done by giving me the opportunity to work.”

“St. Louis Staffing has all the resources and dedicated staff to find the right job to meet your needs. They truly stand behind their motto: ‘We work hard to keep you working.’ I highly recommend St. Louis Staffing to my family, friends or anyone looking for work.”
– Keisha Waters

“I was recommended to St. Louis staffing by a friend. When I went there to apply, I was interviewed by Rosie Marquez, who managed to get me a job that same day. Thank you St. Louis Staffing and Rosie for getting me a job!”
– Donato Campos

“St. Louis Staffing has worked with me to place me in good jobs where I feel comfortable and satisfied. I highly recommend my recruiter, Rosie. She is great!”
– Keydra Smith

“I walked into Missouri Staffing, filled out the application and was hired on the spot! Thanks Missouri Staffing for all your help!”

“Missouri Staffing gave me an opportunity to find employment when I needed it most. Thank you for opening the door to a steady job.”
-Angel Escamilla

“I would like to thank Missouri Staffing for the great job they have done getting me employed. Thank You!”
-Michael Paul

“It has been a pleasure to connect with and be placed by St. Louis Staffing.  I have been most impressed by the consistent contact regarding the status of placements and the clear communication regarding the details of assignments.  Moreover, it’s refreshing to see the staffing consultants model the professionalism that is expected of candidates.”
– Michael Nowlin

“Working with Rosie Marquez at St. Louis Staffing has been a delight. She took good care of me and kept me informed every step of the way. I look forward to putting my best foot forward in the new position I have been blessed with. Thank you!”
-Christine L. Luaders

“I am so grateful to Rosie for guiding me to the amazing opportunities St. Louis staffing provides. I never thought I would be at my dream job at such a young age. Thank you so much!”
-Jasmine Normanr

“I was introduced to St. Louis Staffing by a friend who was working with Rosie Marquez, and now Rosie is my recruiter, too!  I am so glad to have her on my team. Working with Rosie and St. Louis Staffing has been a blessing to me, and I am thankful for how fast they have been able to find employment for me. I just want to say thank you!”
-Rita McCleod

“Missouri Staffing has been great. They’ve kept me working for the past three years, and they’ve been very good to me.”
–Kip Smith, Seko Logistics

“Working with Missouri Staffing was a great experience. They were very helpful in quickly finding me a job, which turned out to be more than I expected. I was able to find a full-time, permanent placement with a company that I really enjoy, doing work that I love. Thanks for all of your help!”
-Branden Dehner, Swissman

“Missouri Staffing is a great way to find work. I’ve been working through them for a year now and love my job. Thanks for all your help!”

“I like St. Louis Staffing for being a good agency that’s always trying to find you work. Rosie Marquez is my recruiter, and she is the best. She works hard and doesn’t stop until I find work. Thank you Rosie for all that you do!”
–Latrese Elam

“I needed a job in the worst way and Missouri Staffing came through for me within two weeks! I am happy with the job, and my experience has been nothing but positive.”

“I am so excited because I finally was offered a full time permanent position due to the efforts of St. Louis Staffing.  After three years, my hard work and dedication paid off. I like to hear the motto ‘We are working hard to keep you working’.  Now I know that motto is really true. I love the staff at St. Louis Staffing.  They have been so good to me and helped support me in times of doubt.  They are always there for me.
Thank you St. Louis Staffing for being so great!”

“I would like to give a big thanks to the one’s who helped me find a job.  I never thought I’d be a part of Missouri Staffing.  It’s not what I thought it would be.  There are many kind people who act as it they have known you for a long time.  You are treated like family.  In little to no time, I was hired on as a temp and am currently still working.  This is by far the best job I have had.  A Big Thanks to Missouri Staffing.”

“It was the best experience however towards the end of the assignment I started to look for work again and a company was interested in me.  It was bitter sweet to say the least but an offer for full time permanent work I could not refuse.  I have to say out of all the temporary agencies I have worked for yours was the best.   I hope this opportunity works out for me if not you may be hearing from me again.”

“I love working at St. Louis Staffing.  The Leadership of CEO Keith Jacob is the best.  He is dedicated to each and every client that we provide exceptional candidates that fit their need.  In turn, our applicants and employees make our hearts sing!!!  We are as happy as the candidate when they are successful at getting a job.”



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